Approval of Place for Civil Marriage/Partnership

Full Approved Place Status Application

Application for Premises to be approved as an Approved Place for Civil Marriages/Civil Partnership Registrations

Name of Place/Venue:

Approved Place for Civil Marriage/Civil Partnership Registration”
The Application Process – User Information

The information provided below is intended as a step-by-step guide through the process that an application for an “Approved Place for Marriage/Civil Partnership Registration” is subject to before being approved or refused.

Public notices must be placed in two local newspapers confirming that an application has been made to the Council. These notices will detail the following information;

  • the place for which approval is sought.
  • the name and address of the applicant.
  • the date and time of the intended civil marriage (temporary approval only).
  • that objections to the application may be made to the Council within twenty-one days from the date of the public notice; and the address of the Council Offices at which the application can be inspected and objections lodged.

The following bodies must be provided with a copy of the application and asked for comment: -

District Commander, PSNI 81a Strand Road, Derry, BT48 7AA
Divisional Commander, NI Fire Brigade, 10 Crescent Link Road, Waterside,
Derry, BT47 5PR
Environmental Health Department, Derry City Council, 98 Strand Road,
Derry BT48 7NN
The District Registrar, Derry City Council, The Guildhall, Derry, BT48 6DQ

The Council reserves the right to consult with other relevant agencies, departments and individuals as it deems necessary, in order to fulfill its statutory duties under the Regulations.

The application will be placed before the Council with a recommendation for its approval, subject to the following: -

  • no objections being received within the statutory twenty-one days permitted.
  • receipt of satisfactory replies from the above mentioned bodies.
  • receipt of satisfactory certificates in support of the application.
  • receipt of satisfactory reports from inspecting Council officers.
  • premises being inspected by Council officers to ensure compliance with requirements.
  • approval is issued following satisfactory completion of all above criteria.


Premises Details - name, address, telephone and fax number.

Your name:


Fax No:



2(a) Details of Applicant – Please give full name, address and telephone number of person making application.



2(b) Limited Company – If the venue is part of a limited company, please give the address and registered office.


3. Nature of Premises – Please describe the nature of the premises (e.g. Hotel, Civic Building etc.) and the primary and other uses to which they are regularly put.

4. Occupier of Premises - Is the applicant named above the sole occupier of the Premises?

If No, please give the names and addresses of other occupiers and the nature of their occupancy below.


5.Room(s) – Please describe the primary and other use(s) of the room(s), which is (are) to be used for Civil marriages/|Civil Partnerships (e.g. banqueting hall, conference room, garden area, marquee etc.) Please also state thee maximum number of people who are permitted to occupy these room(s) under any Fire Certificate, which applies.


Maximum Numbers Permitted

Please ensure there is a separate ‘confidential interview room ‘conveniently located to the marriage room, which is available to the Registrar.

6. Responsible Person(s) - Please give details of the person and his/her deputy who will be responsible on the day for arranging and coordinating the marriage ceremony and ensuring compliance with requirements and conditions as attached.


Responsible Person 1



Private Address:

Telephone Number:

Mobile Phone:


AccessNI Basic Certificate No:


Responsible Person 2



Private Address:

Telephone Number:

Mobile Phone:


AccessNI Basic Certificate No:

7. Approval Type Details - indicate by tick approval type required.


8. Other Approvals/Licences – Indicate by tick if one or more of the following entities are presently in force at the place.

Other (please specify)

9.Requirement Details – specify days and times at which the place may be used for a Civil Marriage or Civil Partnership Registration.



10. Enclosures - Enclosed with this application are:

3 sets of plans of the premises/location showing the marriage room(s) and interview room


A copy of the current Fire Certificate (where applicable)


Certificate of Public Liability Insurance


Please note: applications without payment will not be processed. If payment is rejected the application will be deemed to be void,

11. Declaration

I apply for the premises mentioned above to be approved for the solemnisation of civil marriages for a period of 3 years.

I understand that:

  • That the place may be inspected for suitability before approval is granted and, if this application is successful may be subject to subsequent inspections.
  • The premises must satisfy the Council on Fire Precautions and Health and Safety provisions.
  • Approval, if granted will be for an inclusive 3-year period subject to revocation, suspension or variation.
  • Approval, if granted does not guarantee the availability of the Registrar.
  • I enclose all relevant documents, certificates and insurance.

I declare that:

  • I have read and understood the “Guidance to the Requirements and Conditions for Approved Premise for Civil Marriages/Civil Partnership Registrations”.
  • The place has no recent or continuing religious connection.
  • I have obtained any necessary permission regarding use of and access to the premises.
  • I will publish in a prominent place notice of my application for a period of 21 days.
  • If an Approval is granted, I will comply with the Conditions attached to the Approval.

I understand that Derry City Council will serve a copy of this application on the Police Service for Northern Ireland and I give authority to the Council to inquire of them and any other relevant body as to my/our fitness to be issued with an “Approved Place for Marriage/Civil Partnership Registration”.

Marriage (NI) Order 2003.
The Civil Partnership Act 2004

As part of the approval process carried out by Derry City Council all applications must provide Council with written evidence in the form of a ‘Basic Disclosure Certificate’ provided by Access Northern Ireland Tel: 02890 259 100 to verify that Approval Holders and Responsible Persons are fit and proper persons as stated in the Marriage (NI) Order 2003.

It is a legal requirement for an Approval Holder to provide certified copies of all AccessNI ‘Basic Disclosure Certificates’ issued to all approved Responsible Persons in your employment to the City Inspector of Derry City Council in order that you’re your application for all approved Responsible Persons

Note: Information provided shall be treated as confidential and will only be used for this purpose. The Registrars Office shall have access to the names of relevant approved Responsible Persons to ensure that all ceremonies are attended by fit and proper persons duly authoriesd.

  Full Name Certificate Issue Date

Responsible Person (1)

Responsible Person (2)

Additional Responsible Persons